5 Tips to Creating a Successful Digital Office Space

With technology constantly advancing, companies have been growing further and further into the digital world. So what can you do to make sure your businesses doesn’t fall behind? Here are 5 quick and simple steps to cultivating a successful digital office space and utilizing platforms in the digital age:

  • Make your Digital Presence Known

1. Whether it’s through social media accounts, a blog, or a youtube channel, you can set up a successful online presence that will benefit your company. Utilizing the digital world for marketing and personal branding are the first steps to forming who you are as a business and what you want to be perceived as.

  • Go Paperless

2. Get accustomed to using Google Drive and sharing information with employees digitally. This makes sharing documents more simple by eliminating  the hassle of emailing documents back and forth. With cloud storage tools like Google Drive, you can also find recent documents easily and customize them in shared folders. In addition, begin using e-signature to go paperless! Find an e-signature product that works best for your company and start sending documents for signatures electronically.

  • Form an interconnected office

3. You can’t have a successful external digital office if your internal office is lacking connectivity. People typically feel more comfortable chatting behind a keyboard. Therefore, setting up an office chat room is a quick and easy way to make your employees feel comfortable with each other–asking questions, sharing information about the company, and creating a friendly, open environment via online chat rooms is an effective way to cultivate communication.

The article, The Advantages of a Chat Room, shares how chatrooms are extremely beneficial for brainstorming and support. Brainstorming is simple when you can create specific groups, public or private, where all members will be able to see the information being said at all times. In addition, because people are more likely to present their ideas when stated behind a keyboard, more creativity  will be put into the environment to reach the best solution. The article also showcases the importance of Chat rooms in regard to support, both with employees and with customers. Chat rooms and a digital communication platform such as email within a business can also make it easier to schedule meetings, bridge ideas, and ultimately promote interconnection within a business.

  • Perfect Your Website

5. Make sure your website is easy to use and accessible. Constantly update your website with new information about your company or product. Let people know who you are and what you do as a business. Don’t forget to make your website stand out; this will make people want to explore and learn more. The Importance of a Quality Website discusses the website as the first impression. We’re told our whole lives how necessary it is to make good first impressions–it’s even more importance in a business setting. In addition, keep in mind your website should be clean, organized, and easy for your users to navigate.

  • Ask for Opinions; Listen to the Numbers

6. Interact with people on social media: ask questions and opinions, create open discussions and respond. Find the number of people who have viewed your website, youtube videos, social media accounts, and more. Take these numbers into account and know there is always room for improvement. You can use programs like Google Analytics to understand your audience and the number of people viewing your website.

Moving your office into the relatively newfound digital space can be intimidating; however, challenging your business in this direction will provide major benefits. Follow the instructions above to see instant results!