7 Ways to Declutter Your Office Space This Summer to be More Productive

With summer in full swing and temperatures rising as a result, it’s important to stay on your A-game. According to a study conducted by Captivate Network, productivity decreases 20% in the summer months. So how can you enjoy the summer but still be your best you at work? If you skipped out on spring cleaning, start organizing for the summer by decluttering your office to relieve some stress and make you feel more productive.

  • Delete unnecessary files on your computer

Clean out files you don’t need. Start by emptying out your trash and going through your old files. You’ll be shocked how much storage space you can recover by deleting old and unimportant documents and information.

  • Clean out “that one drawer”

We all have that one drawer where we shove in anything and everything we see. Clean it out and you’ll feel more relaxed and at ease. There’s no need to keep most of that stuff anyway, and if you find something important, put it in a safe spot so you now know where to find it.

  • Pick 3-5 Pens and store them in a safe place

Overtime, we end up becoming pen collectors. But how many of your pens do you actually use, or even more, how many of your pens actually work? If you’re like me and you let your pens build up overtime, now is the season to become a minimalist and throw them out!

  • Minimize your office trash

Start with getting a smaller trash can or a trash can with a lid. Taking out the trash is one of the easiest ways to make your office space appear more clean. Clutter and trash in our work environment give us an overwhelmed, anxious feeling, according to Psychology Today. By cleaning out your trash more often, you will feel more relaxed and therefore, more productive.

  • Hide cables to give you more desk space

Excessive cables make your desk look more cluttered and will give you less work space. Tuck your cables away or get a cable cubby to give your desk a fresh, minimalistic appearance. This small change will make a drastic difference in the look of your office, making you feel more at ease.

  • Get rid of your notepads

There’s no need to have 7 half-filled notepads. It’s easy to have multiple notebooks and notepads, but in reality they just build up and take up too much unnecessary space. It only makes it more difficult for you to find notes you took or information you need. There are many online tools you can use for notes, however, if you like to physically write notes, keep only one notebook where you can jot things down. Keep a stack of post-it notes or use online tools such as Google docs or Google momentum to take notes, make to-do lists, and set your daily goals. If you’re using online tools, your information will be easy to find and you’ll never lose it!

Say goodbye to your file cabinet and start storing all your information online. Online resources such as e-signature can clean up your office by reducing the number of paper documents in your office. In turn, this will make you feel decluttered and less stressed. Holding information in a filing cabinet make it difficult to locate documents and important information can be easily misplaced. E-signature, in particular, makes it possible to easily retrieve archived documents so you don’t have to hunt for that document from 10 years ago in a filing cabinet. Not only does it make documents more organized and easier to find, but you’ll also find your office is a lot less cluttered and therefore, you’ll have more space to be productive.

Don’t let the summer heat get to you–start organizing your office and sign up for SignNow e-signature today!