How an E-Signature Solution is Key to Successful Onboarding

In today’s digital world, many financial advisors and managers are trying to cater to the younger client; more companies are attracting and retaining millennials and Gen Y workers. These younger, modern generations have grown up with social media and digital technology, and they have high expectations for technology. College students, for example, use technology in their everyday lives, so it’s important that businesses have excellent digital onboarding experiences.

Oftentimes, weak onboarding processes require customers or employees to go through traditional, manual labor systems. In contrast, digital onboarding experiences are automated, which allows clients to electronically sign important documents and speed up the onboarding process using an e-signature solution. With e-signature software, advisors can track document statuses and keep clients in check.

Below are some reasons why e-signature is the key to successful, efficient onboarding:

Save Time and Money for Advisors

  • There are many benefits to online boarding that go beyond customer satisfaction – e-signature technology can actually save advisors a significant amount of time.
  • Many advisors at paper-based companies spend hours, and even days, tracking down documents, resending documents with errors, and faxing and copying signed documents.
  • Advisors can close deals faster with e-signature, and spend way less time routing paperwork.

Simple and Secure Documents

  • During onboarding, it’s important to have secure and simple to use technology for document management and signing; younger generations of workers want a secure, easier, and trustworthy onboarding process.
  • Although you want to make the onboarding process easy for customers and workers to manage, you also want protect their most important and sensitive information; e-signature can do both seamlessly.
  • With e-signature technology, convenience is important, but security is just as equally important, too; advisors need to make onboarding a safe, protected, but also simple process.

Building a stronger customer experience and employee onboarding process is very crucial. Creating effective e-signature solutions helps build customer and employee relationships – finding a top e-signature vendor is the first step in making the switch from slow, paper-based onboarding to fast, secure, and easy digital onboarding.