How E-Signature Helps Music Venues and Artists

When you live life on the road, keeping your documents and personal information organized can be very challenging. Between playing at different venues, engaging with fans on a daily basis, and booking new shows every week, you probably have limited time to focus on administrative tasks.

What’s the answer to this problem? E-signature. Having an e-signature solution allows you to sign documents straight from your mobile device or tablet, even when offline or traveling on the road. Signing with an e-signature solution reduces your paper usage and saves plenty of time to focus on things that matter most: your music career. This is a huge win-win for musicians and managers traveling on-the-go.

So, how does e-signature for musicians and artists work?

When you chose an e-signature solution, you can quickly activate the service and begin using it right away, even on your smartphone or laptop. Some e-signature solutions offer cloud retention, so that you can store, archive, and retrieve your documents without ever losing them. In addition, signers can access all of their documents from the comforts of their smartphone, as well as integrate with Dropbox, Gmail, or Salesforce to upload and manage your documents all in one platform.

For managers needing contracts signed immediately, here’s how you’ll benefit from e-signature: you’ll simply upload your documents into the e-signature platform, prepare them to be signed through e-signature validation fields, such as signature, text/date, or checkbox options, and then send them to the artists. It’s that simple!

E-signature solutions give music venues and artists complete control over their workflows and business processes – manage your contracts and improve efficiency all in one electronic platform. Some e-signature vendors combat against cyber attacks and have advanced threat protection, or SOC 2 Type II certification. This cybersecurity protection guarantees that only authorized signers have access to your documents.

In addition, some e-signature solutions, such as SignNow, provide double-factor authentication and tamper-evident document technology, so that your documents won’t be tampered with, and your personal information won’t be hacked. E-signatures help artists maintain their privacy and prevent identity theft, so that you can focus on your music and never worry about fraud.

Don’t worry about the hassles of signing and sending physical documents to your artists while on the road; get more documents signed, sealed, and delivered with a world-class e-signature solution.