How Mobile Apps Drive Growth in Businesses

Mobile usage has become an everyday part of consumer’s lifestyles. Smartphone, tablet, and digital watch use have been rising steadily, forming industries that are highly dependent on electronic devices. For many businesses, digital devices have impacted the way departments operate; with an increasing number of businesses embracing digital technology and utilizing handheld devices on-the-go.

As of today, there are over 5 million smartphone apps (and counting) available in the App Store. According to a study by Yahoo’s Flurry Analytics, 90% of a user’s time is spent on a mobile app. This high statistic is one of the main forces behind businesses usage of mobile apps across their websites and web apps.

Mobile Apps vs. Web Apps

Unlike mobile apps, web apps (applications) are navigated through web browsers, and they provide excellent features and functionality that help businesses organize their processes. Many users rely on desktop computer or laptops to receive the full user experience from web apps. But, what happens when a user leaves their desk and doesn’t have access to their computer?

Usually companies build a “native web app” of their web application, which basically means that the mobile app performance is much higher than the web app. Plus, mobile apps can be used offline, which makes them accessible anytime and anywhere.

Can You Integrate E-Signatures in Your Mobile Apps?

Yes! In fact, many e-signature platforms offer mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, which makes the e-signature integration a lot simpler and easier. Many mobile e-signature apps provide a safer and more secure e-signature solution for your mobile. For example, some select e-signature solutions provide fast and simple mobile integration for smartphone, tablet, iOS, and Android devices.

With e-signature for mobile solutions, you can efficiently streamline the onboarding process and speed up transactions while growing your customer experience. E-signature platforms can also provide offline signing, so that you can sign, send, and manage your documents while traveling abroad or on the road. For example, the e-signature service, SignNow, offers offline signing anytime and anywhere.

When you adopt mobile solutions at your company, you’ll notice a tremendous growth in better user experience, customer satisfaction, higher user engagement on your social media channels, and company visibility. Discover some of the great features of e-signature on mobile, like on SignNow’s features page.