How to Go Back to School with E-Signature

Educational institutions can yield a large amount of paperwork and physical documentation, many of which require signatures, authentication, and confidentiality. Like many other institutions, they’re constantly challenged by reducing budgets and increasing student and parent satisfaction. In an attempt to address these challenges, institutions are turning to e-signature solutions and therefore, a more automated workflow process.


Many e-signature vendors, such as SignNow, cut the costs of paper and ink and push for full efficiency, all while successfully decreasing your carbon footprint. Research supports that on average, manual paper-based organizations spend $20 per document filed, $120 per misplaced document, and $220 to reproduce a document.  However, with e-signature, all of your signature requirements and document management needs will be met for significantly less.


E-Signature and Document Needs Include:


  • Diplomas and certificates
  • Contracts and purchase orders
  • Report cards and progress reports
  • College recommendations
  • E-voicing
  • Electronic archiving
  • Permission slips and club waiver forms


Business Use Cases:


  1. Cut production, handling, and storage costs: Reduce the costs of paper, toner, and ink, in addition to cutting stamping, sending, copying, and filing processes. With e-signature, you can decrease the costs of scanning and archiving documents for storage to shredding and burning documents for disposal.


  1. Reduce the risk of human error: Managing and filing physical documents increases the potential for human error and incorrect documents. Increase document accuracy and reduce all potential document errors by switching to an e-signature solution.


  1. Decrease the chances of document fraud: With document fraud, identity theft, and phishing attacks on the rise, your document’s protection and security should be a priority. With e-signature, your risk of fraudulent activity is lowered. Look for an e-signature solution that offers multi-factor authentication, which secures your e-signature and keeps your documents out of harm’s way.


  1. Increase document tracking: With e-signature, you can track your document’s status and activity 24/7, including the date/time of document signing, when and where the document was viewed, any changes made to the document, etc. E-signature ensures document tracking and confirmation of compliance.