How to Invite Multiple Signers to Sign a Document

Although it may sound challenging to add multiple signers to a document at first, it’s actually simple and easy with the help of an exceptional e-signature provider. Below are steps on how to invite multiple signers to sign a document from the help of the e-signature company, SignNow:

1. Click on the document on your dashboard that you’d like multiple people to sign. After click on ‘Edit Signers’ to add additional signers to your document.

2. Select a signer and add the ‘fields’ or ‘tags’ you’d like that signer to fill out on your document. Repeat the same process for each signer.

3. Once you’ve added fields for all of your signers, set the signing order and send the document out for signing.

4. Once the invite window launches, click on the ‘add a signer’ icon to add additional signers to the document. If you want multiple people to sign on the same document, make sure to add signing fields for each signer during the document setup process.

Of course, every e-signature platform will have a different document signing procedure. However, the signer invite process will most likely be straight-forward and simple to navigate. Also, there may be a “Guide Me” option to help guide you during document upload and signing.