How to Know if an E-Signature Vendor is Invested in Your Success

Imagine this: you’ve just found the perfect e-signature vendor that meets all of your company requirements. The e-signature service offers plenty of security features, customizable logos, double-factor authentication, audit trails, and partner integration features… plus, it’s super affordable! But wait, don’t pull the trigger too soon.

Before committing to an e-signature vendor, it’s always important to be sure that the service is 100% invested in your success (and not in your money) before, during, and after the sell. This is the number one key to making your e-signature partnership successful.

So, how can you tell if an e-signature vendor is invested in your success? Here are some top signs to look for and questions to ask an e-signature vendor:

  1. Communication

It’s important that you pay attention to how an e-signature provider communicates with your company. For example, is the sales manager trying to sell you multiple features of their service? Or, are they trying to understand your company’s purpose and needs, and identify which features work best for you?

  1. Responsiveness

Is the e-signature vendor you’re communicating with responsive during the sales process? Does the sales manager take several days to follow-up with you? Do they provide you access to demos and proof of concept? In addition, do they provide organized timelines of all next steps and processes for you to meet your deadlines?

  1. Recommendation

Does the e-signature vendor provide limited to no options that don’t exactly fit your needs? How do the tech support specialists fix your problems and answer your questions to meet your needs? Are they willing to explore new options for you outside of their standard solution offering?

  1. Comfort

How comfortable do you feel after talking to the sales manager on the phone? Do they make you feel important and unique, or are they speaking to you in an automated, bored tone? Do they come across as arrogant and rigid, or are they approachable and understanding of your needs?

Always remember that your chosen e-signature vendor should accommodate your needs, think about your success, and guide you forward throughout the entire e-signature process.