How to Upload and Send a Document For E-Signature

Easily upload, send, and sign documents for electronic signature anywhere around the world. Sending is typically really simple, and it only requires about four steps. E-signature providers allow you to quickly and easily access documents that need signing, as well as manage document activity, send reminders, and view audit trails.

Are you ready to send a document for signing and take advantage of e-signature? Below are four easy and simple steps for uploading and sending a document for e-signature:

1. Upload a Document

Many e-signature providers accept Microsoft Word, PDF, PNG, JPEG, and more document files from your computer or popular sharing provider like Dropbox or Google Drive. Below is an example of a document acceptable for uploading:

2. Address who needs to sign

After uploading your document and clicking “Invite to Sign,” add the names and email addresses of your signers, and even indicate the order in which they should be signed. You can invite multiple signers to sign a document, too.

3. Place text, date/time, or signature fields/tags

Depending on the e-signature provider, you’ll most likely be able to drag and drop tags or “fields” addressing where you need the text, date, or signature to fill in. After you fill in those blanks, click “Send.” Below is an example of how to insert signature, text, or today’s fields into a document for e-signature.

4. After clicking send…

You should receive an email confirmation letting you know that the document was sent to the correct signers. The e-signature provider will notify each signer that the document needs to be signed, typically via email, and the signer will be allowed to open the document to complete it. Once the document is signed, it’s safely stored for any future retrievals.

Do you need a document that needs signing? Ready to get started managing your electronic documents? There are many e-signature platforms to choose from, so research away!