How to Use Dashboards to Manage Your Organization

E-signature dashboards are incredibly easy-to-use, simple, and efficient ways to store important documents and key information. A dashboard basically gives users a close look at their system and account activity. In addition, users can easily track all of their document activity, including incoming and outgoing document traffic, all in one place!

Let’s walk you through e-signature dashboards by using SignNow’s dashboard as an example.

Overview of SignNow’s organizational dashboard:

  • The organizational dashboard in SignNow’s Enterprise feature allows organizations to manage multiple teams and view activity.
  • From the organizational dashboard, you can see all of your users and document statistics, including documents created, documents sent for signing, documents completed, average completion time, and number of invite receipts.
  • Additionally, you can also search for documents across your entire organization, edit templates that your team can use, modify your team settings, and modify your organization-wide settings.
  • Team creation and admin console navigation is also included in SignNow’s organizational dashboard

With the organizational dashboard, users are presented with informative data that helps them manage all of their e-signature transactions all in one centralized location. For example, the organizational dashboard allows admins to view all team members’ activity and document statistics, search for documents across the entire organization, edit team templates, modify organization settings, and much more.

For more information, watch the full set of organizational dashboard videos here.