How User Reviews Can Benefit your Organization

User reviews can significantly drive sales and increase revenue for your organization, whether you’re a startup business, a nonprofit, or a Fortune 500 company. The majority of customers want to review your products or services before making a purchase, which is why your organization needs to learn more about user reviews and how it can make a valuable impact on your organization.


According to REEVOO statistics, at least 50 reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates. In fact, about 63% of customers are more likely to complete a purchase if they read user reviews beforehand.  So, why should you care about user reviews?


Many SEO benefits from reviews:


User reviews can contribute to a better customer experience and increased product or service satisfaction. User reviews not only add fresh, original content to Google search engines, but they also make more pages useful to customers as well as increase the possibility of being highly ranked in the SERPS.


Improve your rankings:


G2 Crowd, for example, can help online consumers ask questions about your product, review your product on a public platform, interact with the company’s product specialist, and rate your product out of 5 stars. Take the e-signature company SignNow, for instance. This e-signature solution has over 340 user reviews on G2 Crowd, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Users have rated SignNow as “fantastic business tool” and “simple and easy-to-use.” Overall, G2 Crowd is a great social platform for both customers and organizations to navigate because it helps move business forward and increase engagement across departments.


Increase conversion rates:


When user reviews are correctly structured on search engine results pages, then the review snippets can help increase clicks and conversion rates. For example, adding a 5 star rating and user reviews in product descriptions can increase conversion rates by 10 to 20%.


Negative reviews can actually be useful:


No matter how bad the review is, all user reviews are valuable. When user reviews are both negative and positive, this can help increase trust in the opinions customers read. Sometimes, customers who seek out bad reviews may still purchase the product if they’re in purchasing mode. However, too many bad reviews aren’t useful or good for your company’s image. For example, if a services page has 15 reviews, and only 3 of them are positive, then the other 12 look trustworthy and reliable. Therefore, it’s important to not have too many negative reviews, but oftentimes a few bad reviews in a sea of good ones are better than none at all. r.


You can attract reviews from customers by emailing your customers post-purchase about their product, or you can use a reviews provider to make your products pages more appealing for consumers. For more information on engaging with your customers and embracing digital platforms, visit this article.