Top 5 Considerations When Choosing an E-Signature Vendor

Many e-signature vendors have gained popularity in recent years, but not all services are created equal. When picking an e-signature vendor to use for your organization, it’s important to consider how the e-signature technology will add value to your business and signature process needs. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing an e-signature vendor:

1. Are E-Signatures Legally Protected?

Because certain industries are highly regulated, you want top notch security and legal protection to avoid customer disputes. Although e-signature platforms are ESIGN and UETA compliant and give e-signatures just as equal weight as physical signatures, electronic documents need more evidence in order to be handled in court. In addition, consider e-signature platforms that offer audit trails so that you’ll have a detailed audit log and track record.

2. Are E-Signatures Secure?

E-signature technology creates a digital fingerprint of your document and can be used to provide evidence of electronic record in the future. When choosing an e-signature vendor, make sure they provide protected digital technology that cannot tamper with your e-signature, or make it invisible.  

3. Are E-Signatures Easy to Use?

Yes, e-signature technology is highly user friendly and adaptable. Don’t choose an e-signature service that requires you to install software or plugins, or forces users to login with credentials, to avoid customers abandoning the e-signature process. Instead, pick an e-signature vendor that will simplify the e-signature process and make the platform easy and efficient for your stakeholders and customers.

4. Are E-Signatures Mobile-Friendly?

It’s important to strongly consider choosing an e-signature platform that’s mobile-oriented. Mobile-friendly e-signature services ensure quick and easy everyday transactions and optimized signing processes on all mobile devices and tablets. Mobile-friendly e-signature vendors not only provide an user-friendly experience, but a more tailored experience when signing e-documents.

5. How Flexible is the E-Signature Solution?

Businesses want an e-signature solution that ties with their current workflow processes. Consider an e-signature vendor that can integrate with your CRM systems and provide collaboration tools for your organization. For example, some e-signature services offer Sandbox environment and SDKs to help organizations integrate e-signatures with their document generation or management.