How to Setup E-Signature That’s Compliant With Your Industry

Did you know that over millions of industries use e-signature to ensure digital security, customization, document management, and team organization in their business? In fact, 76% of companies have chose e-signature to go paperless. Whether you work in education or government to real estate or healthcare, e-signature can highly benefit your industry.

Easy-to-use and highly compliant, e-signature is the perfect addition for a large range of global and local industries. Below are a number of industries that are compliant with e-signature:

Financial Services

Countless banks, credit unions, and capital management companies benefit from obtaining crucial data and securing e-signatures for account openings, investments, transactions, document evidence, and much more. E-signature ensures automated document flows, increased transaction speeds, reduced costs, and more satisfied customers, as well. First Financial Credit Union, for example, utilizes e-signature to increase transaction speeds and loan processes.

Government & Public Sector

E-signature ensures the security that governments and public sectors deserve. E-signature platforms let governments and employees manage agreements and approvals electronically. E-signature also lets governments save time and money, and prevent any errors from faxing or printing documents, so that you can stay compliant and protected. For example, Now Modi government utilizes e-signature to cut delays and record processes digitally.


When healthcare provides go paperless, operational costs are simplified and patient documents are secured. The adoption of e-signature in clinical research provides audit trails, digital identity verification, and signed electronic records of patients and evidence. Additionally, e-signature also ensures a higher overall patient experience, and more security in patient documentation, i.e.: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has created FDA Forms (e.g. 1571, 1572, 356h) now include a digital signature on their forms to ensure patient protection and security.

Real Estate

Did you know that over 1.6 million real estate transactions are done using an e-signature solution? Instead of waiting long days, and sometimes weeks, for documents to be sent, signed, and returned, you can easily make the waiting time faster and simpler with e-signature. Recently, states changed lending and foreclosure laws to implement e-signature solutions. For example, Nevada now requires electronic notaries to be included when renewing appointments.


With an e-signature platform, colleges and universities would be able to send test scores, permission slips, agreements, enrollment forms, textbook pages, and other documents directly to parents. This would not only eliminate the cost of paper, but stay within the school’s budget and saves money.

The United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), for example, partnered with an e-signature solution to improve its staff hiring and student admission process. Many enterprises use e-signature to provide better digital value to families, students, and staff administration, too.

The international digital transaction management market is anticipated to grow from US $13.93 billion in 2017 to US $30.66 billion in 2020. Make the shift from a paper-based to digital company today!