Your Complete Guide to Offline Signing

When you think about automating your electronic processes for your organization, offline signing probably isn’t the first solution that comes to mind. But, it actually should, especially if you’re comparing today’s digital technology with paper-based systems.

The truth is, offline signing provides greater functionality and usability for yourself and your organization. Not only can the customer’s e-signature be captured from anywhere in the world and at any time, but mobile devices can also provide local storage used for offline signing. Plus, offline signing doesn’t require an internet status, which means you’ll have more documents signed and sent within seconds!

Here’s a list of why your company needs to utilize offline signing:

Sign from anywhere, anytime!

Let’s take this example, for instance: A real estate agent meets with a buyer to get a mortgage signed via e-signature, however, there’s a power outage and no internet connectivity is available. With offline signing, the real estate agent is still able to get the buyer’s e-signature. Once the internet is accessible, the transaction will immediately be processed and uploaded to the e-signature service you’re using.

Offline signing features

Many e-signature services that offer offline signing integrate their iOS or Android apps with document storage providers like Google Drive or Dropbox, for example. These customers can then import documents, sign them digitally, and then put them back to Google Drive for quick sharing.

Offline signing via mobile apps

Mobile users can be away from the internet for a while, yet still need to sign important and time-sensitive business documents with clients. With e-signature mobile apps, professionals can still complete important deals straight from their mobile devices, even when offline. Sales managers, for example, are constantly on-the-go and may not have immediate access to the internet. But, with offline signing, managers can pull up their sales contract directly from their smartphone and efficiently complete the e-signing process… it’s that simple!

If you choose offline signing today, you’ll close deals faster and accomplish more tasks. Stop waiting for an internet connection with other signing systems, go offline and have more time for the things you love to do!